The Journey from a DM: PinkPantheress and Ice Spice Collaboration Resulting in ‘Boy’s a Liar Pt. 2,’ 2023’s Chart-Topping Hit


PinkPantheress, a British artist known for her eclectic sound that blends various genres from chiptune to Jersey club beats, took an unconventional path to break into the US market with her track “Boy’s a Liar.” The song, which had already gained substantial traction online, received a significant boost through a remix featuring a highly anticipated rapper, Ice Spice, catapulting PinkPantheress into wider recognition in the music scene.

The song’s genesis was rather serendipitous, according to Phoebe Gold and Jesse Gassongo-Alexander, PinkPantheress’ co-managers at Up Close Management. The initial spark came when Jesse overheard a snippet of the track through PinkPantheress’ door while they were all staying in a house in the hills of LA. This led to the creation of “Boy’s a Liar,” although the song wasn’t fully complete at that point. Despite its brevity, the track’s teaser on TikTok went viral, setting the stage for its eventual explosive release in late 2022.

Initially hesitant about creating a remix, PinkPantheress and her team reconsidered their stance as the song’s popularity soared. Ice Spice, a rising artist, became an appealing collaborator after showing interest in PinkPantheress’ work by following her on Instagram. A collaboration was promptly initiated, resulting in Ice Spice sending over her verse within three days. The remix, titled “Boy’s a Liar, Pt. 2,” revitalized the song’s virality and attracted a broader audience.


300 Entertainment, a label under 300 Elektra Entertainment, took charge of promoting the track further. Their marketing strategy involved leveraging influencer marketing and online campaigns tailored to reference the song’s lyrics, aiming to engage both existing and new fans. To expand PinkPantheress’ reach, the label also sought validation within the hip-hop community by collaborating with influencers deeply entrenched in Black culture and pursuing placements in clubs and rhythmic radio stations.

Dee Sonaram, 300’s exec VP of promotion and streaming, focused on ensuring the song gained traction in clubs, where it quickly became a crowd favorite. Eventually, despite initial reservations from radio programmers about its pop sound, the track climbed to the top spot on rhythmic radio, solidifying PinkPantheress’ breakthrough in the US market and showcasing her crossover appeal across genres.