The Impact of Olivia Dunne’s Unexpected Internet Fame on Her Life: Find Out Everything You Need To Know!


Olivia Dunne, known as Livvy online, has had a remarkable gymnastics career from an early age, coinciding with a surge in her social media popularity. At 16, she committed to attending Louisiana State University while also hitting a milestone of 100,000 followers on Instagram. By 2020, Dunne had amassed a significant following on both Instagram and TikTok, which only expanded when she joined the LSU gymnastics team for the 2020-2021 season. She shared with the New York Post in 2021 that she didn’t feel excessive pressure regarding her internet fame, as she’s always taken social media seriously and with love. Her online presence allowed her to secure profitable name, image, and likeness (NIL) deals as a college student, a benefit she attributed to her early dedication.

In April, Dunne’s profile rose even higher when she was featured in Sports Illustrated’s renowned Swimsuit Issue. Despite her immense success, she admitted to being perplexed about the widespread reach of some of her posts. She recalled her most viral TikTok, which garnered 35.7 million views, and expressed her astonishment at the phenomenon, considering it was simply showcasing her gymnastic skills.

However, her soaring success has come with its downsides. At one LSU gymnastics meet, a group of fervent Livvy fans created security concerns and disrupted the event.


In terms of her LSU experience, Dunne’s college life shares similarities with the typical, including having three roommates despite her NIL deals. Nevertheless, her online prominence led her to take all her classes remotely, primarily out of concern for her safety. She expressed a desire to keep her daily schedule and whereabouts private due to past unsettling incidents.

During her team’s initial meet in January, Dunne faced a large, mostly male crowd chanting her name, which prompted LSU’s gymnastics coach to assign a security guard to accompany her and her teammates for safety reasons. This move was made to ensure the athletes’ well-being and address any concerns raised by fans who had crossed boundaries.

Some have pointed to Dunne’s attire in certain social media posts as a reason for attracting unwanted attention. She firmly emphasized that women are not responsible for how they are perceived or objectified by others.

In terms of her NIL deals, Dunne’s first agreement in 2021 with fitness apparel brand Vuori was estimated to be in the “mid-six-figures.” She emphasized the importance of maintaining a balance between school, gymnastics, and social media, as they are all significant aspects of her life.

During an appearance on the “Full Send Podcast” in July 2023, Dunne revealed that the highest amount she earned for a single sponsored post was in the six figures, and when asked if it exceeded $500,000, she confirmed it did. She acknowledged her good fortune.

According to On3’s NIL 100 list, Dunne’s estimated worth is $3.2 million. In addition to her individual success, she has established her own NIL fund to support female athletes and draw attention to the need for financial backing in women’s sports.