The Ideal Successor to Jonathan Majors as ‘Avengers 5’ Villain


The recent upheaval concerning Jonathan Majors’ departure and the subsequent reworking of Avengers 5, previously titled “The Kang Dynasty,” has led to speculation about the future of the film. While there’s uncertainty about its direction, Marvel seems resolute in keeping this major installment intact, albeit with substantial modifications.

With the departure of Kang and the uncertainty surrounding the film’s director, Marvel’s decision to enlist screenwriter Michael Waldron to overhaul the script for Avengers 5 signals the studio’s determination to keep this pivotal project on track. However, given the circumstances surrounding Kang’s exit, there’s skepticism about simply recasting the role or keeping him as the central villain.

A viable alternative that has gained traction within Marvel circles involves reintroducing a familiar yet underutilized character — Hela, the Asgardian Goddess of Death. Cate Blanchett’s reprisal of Hela’s voice role in What If…? Season 2, featuring a variant who gains power from Wenwu’s Ten Rings, sets the stage for her triumphant return to the live-action MCU. Since her captivating portrayal in Thor: Ragnarok, fans have clamored for her return to the big screen, and her potential resurgence as a primary antagonist for Avengers 5 seems promising.


Blanchett’s presence in the MCU, combined with the intrigue around Hela’s character and her potential partnership with Thanos, could make for a compelling storyline in Avengers 5. Her strength as a character and Blanchett’s willingness to reprise the role offer Marvel an opportunity to build upon Hela’s charismatic villainy and make her a central figure in the crossover event.

However, for Avengers 5 to conclude on a surprising high, Marvel might introduce a different unexpected character, potentially setting the stage for the Secret Wars storyline. This character, possibly Doctor Doom or someone else, could emerge as the principal antagonist in Secret Wars, thereby ensuring a compelling follow-up to the events of Avengers 5.

In essence, while Secret Wars promises multiversal cameos and significant plot developments, Avengers 5 faces the challenge of replacing Kang. Bringing back a beloved but underused villain like Hela could provide an innovative and exciting direction for the film, setting the stage for a grand showdown and potential multiversal upheaval in the subsequent Secret Wars storyline.