The Hugh Jackman Steroid Allegations Explained


Hugh Jackman surprised fans by announcing his return as Wolverine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the anticipated “Deadpool 3,” despite previously declaring retirement from the iconic role of the adamantium-clawed mutant. His decision meant gearing up physically once again, raising questions about whether, at his age in his 50s, he could achieve the muscular physique synonymous with the character without external assistance, sparking skepticism among some, including Joe Rogan.

The topic was discussed on the “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, where Rogan expressed doubts about Jackman’s ability to regain his superhero physique naturally due to his age. Speculations arose about potential reliance on special effects or artificial enhancements to attain the desired look. Rogan pondered the methods someone like Jackman might employ, hinting at the possible use of substances for muscle growth.

While Jackman didn’t directly address Rogan’s skepticism, he firmly dispelled speculations about using steroids or artificial enhancements to achieve his muscular physique. Emphasizing his commitment to the role of Wolverine, Jackman asserted his preference for natural methods and rigorous training rather than resorting to steroids or other enhancements.


In an interview on HBO’s “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace,” Jackman categorically denied using steroids or other artificial aids to achieve his physique, expressing his love for the role of Wolverine and his concerns about the potential health risks associated with such enhancements. He humorously referenced his reliance on copious amounts of chicken for bulking up, highlighting his dedication to training the ‘old school’ way.

For Jackman, preparing for the role of Wolverine transcends mere physical transformation. It involves intense training to ensure he can execute demanding stunts believably. He emphasized the necessity for functional training, allowing him to perform combat, jumps, and wire work essential for the character.

His preparation routine for portraying Wolverine involves months of strenuous training, as he detailed to Men’s Health, citing a year-long training period before previous “X-Men” films. He focused on gradual, sustained changes to his physique, prioritizing his heart health while transforming his body.

Managing physical transformation amidst other commitments, such as performing in “The Music Man” on Broadway, posed its own challenges. Jackman disclosed on “The Late Show” the struggle of consuming 6,000 calories daily while performing eight times a week and burning 1,500 calories per show, revealing the intensity required to maintain the physique.

Jackman’s daily regimen involves rigorous workouts spanning hours, as he delineated in an interview with The Los Angeles Times, detailing heavy morning weightlifting sessions followed by afternoon higher-volume lifting routines. During preparation for the role, he devotes approximately two-and-a-half hours daily to training, complemented by a stricter diet to support his physical demands.