The Heartbreaking Loss Endured by Taylor Lautner’s Wife


Taylor Dome, wife of actor Taylor Lautner, has emerged as a prominent advocate for mental health awareness, driven by personal experiences and the loss of close friends due to mental health struggles. Here’s a summary of her journey and efforts to raise awareness:

Early Experiences with Mental Health:

  • Witnessing family members’ battles with addiction during her childhood had a profound impact on Dome’s perception of mental health. She recounted the pain of seeing her cousin struggle with an accidental overdose and witnessing family members’ cycles of sobriety and relapse.

Tragic Loss of a Friend:

  • Dome faced a devastating loss in 2017 when her high school best friend, Jared Monroe, died by suicide due to bipolar disorder. She remembered Monroe as a kind, caring, and loving person, highlighting his selflessness and ability to bring joy to others.

Impact on Advocacy Work:

  • The unexpected loss of Monroe deeply affected Dome, motivating her to initiate efforts in mental health advocacy. She launched The Lemons Foundation in 2022, aiming to offer support and resources to individuals living with mental health conditions.
  • Alongside her husband, Taylor Lautner, Dome co-hosts the podcast “The Squeeze,” where she openly discusses the importance of mental health awareness, emphasizing how Monroe’s experience transformed her perspectives on mental health.

Honoring Jared’s Memory:

  • Dome continually honors the memory of Jared Monroe, acknowledging his impact on her life and mental health advocacy. During the Lemons Foundation Charity Gala, she expressed gratitude to Monroe for inspiring positive change and saving lives through his story.

Taylor Dome’s dedication to mental health advocacy, fueled by personal experiences and the profound loss of her friend, has led her to create platforms and initiatives aimed at providing support and guidance to those grappling with mental health challenges. Through her foundation and public platforms, she aims to foster awareness, compassion, and understanding surrounding mental health issues.