The Great British Bake Off 2023 contestants: Who has left?



The 2023 edition of The Great British Bake Off (known as The Great British Baking Show in the US) has returned with 12 talented bakers vying to impress both the judges and viewers. Over the course of 10 weeks, they’ll face a variety of technical challenges and themed weeks, all hoping to create the ultimate showstopper and win the coveted title.

Here’s a closer look at the contestants:


1. Abbi (Eliminated Week 3)
– Hailing from Yorkshire, Abbi’s baking journey began alongside her mother. She developed a fascination with Victorian-era traditional bakes, finding inspiration in the English countryside. Her style combines comfort, nature, and a touch of fairytale magic.

2. Amos (Eliminated Week 1)
– A film and theatre enthusiast with a background in hospitality, Amos draws inspiration from his mum’s knack for baking. His style is described as colorful, chic, and detail-oriented, blending tradition with a modern twist.

3. Cristy
– A mother of four, Cristy is a passionate cake-maker drawing from her Israeli heritage and her husband’s Jamaican roots. Her creations evoke a sense of childhood, characterized by enchanting and pretty designs.

4. Dan (Star Baker Week 1)
– Dan’s culinary journey began during his travels in South America. Pies and puddings are his forte, with a particular penchant for patisserie. He’s known for his perfectionism and love for baking challenges.

5. Dana
– Dana’s baking journey started at 16, driven by a desire to introduce new elements to her family’s traditional Indian recipes. Her style is rustic yet pleasing to the eye, often featuring minimalist decoration and familiar Indian spices.

6. Josh (Awarded Hollywood Handshake Week 2)
– A chemist by profession, Josh brings precision and experimentation to his baking. He draws inspiration from old baking books, infusing modern twists into classics with alternative flavors and seasonal produce from his garden.

7. Keith (Eliminated Week 2)
– Keith’s childhood memories are filled with apple pies and fairy cakes made by his mum, along with traditional Maltese dishes. He embraces complex bakes and has grown in confidence with bread-making.

8. Matty (Star Baker Week 4)
– Matty immerses himself in patisserie videos, aiming to replicate the awe-inspiring teddy-bear cake his late nan made him. His baking style is rustic yet neat, favoring traditional flavors like chocolate, citrus, and nuts.

9. Nicky

– Nicky’s baking is akin to “comfy old slippers,” evoking fond memories of her Gran’s kitchen table. Her specialties include pastries and breads, often featuring in fun birthday cakes for her family.

10. Rowan
– Rowan lives by the motto “Go big, or go home,” applying grandeur and opulence to his bakes. His style is characterized by clean lines and captivating decoration, reflecting his passion for English literature.

11. Saku
– Saku infuses the flavors of her Sri Lankan heritage into her baking, particularly the rich spices of curry. She emphasizes traditional, homely bakes that pay tribute to her cultural background.

12. Tasha (Awarded Star Baker Week 2 & 3)
– Tasha’s fearless approach to baking is a means of creative expression. She takes on ambitious designs, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. When not in the kitchen, she enjoys theatre and globetrotting.