‘The First Omen’ ending explained


Arkasha Stevenson makes a bold directorial debut with a heart-pounding horror that serves as a prelude to the iconic 1976 classic, “The Omen,” which later birthed an entire franchise. Just as the horror genre has seen seminal moments like Michael Myers terrorizing babysitters and Jason Voorhees seeking vengeance for his mother, “The First Omen” ventures into uncharted territory, exploring the origins of the Antichrist’s progeny.

As audiences immerse themselves in the chilling atmosphere and astonishing sequences of this 2024 prequel, it’s essential to delve deeper into its narrative intricacies and its unforgettable climax.

In a masterful display of storytelling, Stevenson crafts a prequel that sets the stage for the events preceding the revered horror classic of 1976. “The First Omen” unveils a sinister conspiracy within a Catholic church, driven by a fanatical obsession with global Christian worship. Sister Margaret Daino finds herself drawn into this dark web of intrigue, as she gradually uncovers the church’s diabolical agenda.


The church’s plan involves a demonic pact with a jackal, selecting specific nuns for unholy unions to conceive the ultimate abomination — the Antichrist’s heir. Initially oblivious to the true extent of the church’s machinations, Sister Margaret soon realizes that she is the prime target, thrust into a nightmarish struggle against forces beyond her comprehension.

In a climactic revelation that sends shivers down the spine, “The First Omen” delivers not one, but two stunning twists that redefine the boundaries of terror. Firstly, the film unveils Sister Margaret as the probable mother of Damien, the dreaded antagonist of “The Omen.” Secondly, it exposes the shocking truth that Sister Margaret herself is a product of the unholy union between a demonic jackal and a human, revealing the church’s long-standing practice of breeding the Antichrist’s offspring.

For those eager to confront the chilling horrors firsthand, “The First Omen” beckons from the silver screen, inviting audiences to witness the genesis of evil in theaters today.