The first-ever ‘Legend of Zelda’ LEGO set is headed to shelves soon


If mastering the virtual realm of The Legend of Zelda franchise wasn’t enough, gamers and Lego enthusiasts can now bring Hyrule to life in the physical world. Following the success of Nintendo-themed Lego sets like Animal Crossing and Mario, Nintendo and Lego have joined forces to create the first-ever Lego set inspired by The Legend of Zelda.

The 2-in-1 kit promises an immersive experience, featuring iconic characters and elements from across the beloved franchise.


What’s Inside the Lego Great Deku Tree 2-in-1 Set?


While fans eagerly await its release on September 1, 2024, excitement is already brewing for the 2500-piece set. Modeled after the majestic Great Deku Tree seen in Tears of the Kingdom and Breath of the Wild, this set offers multiple transformations. Whether adorned with standard leaves or charming cherry blossoms, the Great Deku Tree boasts versatility, even converting into a cooking nook for Link or a chilling Skulltula hideout.

The set introduces sleek new Breath of the Wild-inspired Zelda and Link mini-figures, along with the iconic Navi and a red fairy from The Ocarina of Time. Additionally, fans will encounter familiar Korok faces and the maraca-wielding Hetsu, adding depth to the immersive experience.

But that’s not all—classic Zelda adversaries await, from Deku Babas to Skulltulas. Once adventurers tire of cooking beneath the Deku Tree, they can relive nostalgic moments by transforming the set into Link’s tree hut from The Ocarina of Time. Just like the classic 64 game, Link’s mini-figure offers both child and adult versions, ensuring a trip down memory lane.

While the set’s price tag of £259.99 / $389.99 CAD / $299.99 USD / $449.99 AUD / €299.99 may seem steep, it’s expected to be a hot commodity, despite comparisons to the Spider-Man Daily Bugle set. Yet, with Nintendo’s enduring popularity, fans can anticipate future releases. Whether it’s Hyrule Castle, a Wind Waker pirate ship, or the iconic Water Temple from Ocarina of Time, collectors have much to anticipate.

For now, the future of the “Lego of Zelda” remains uncertain, but enthusiasts can immerse themselves in this captivating set while eagerly awaiting the fabled Legend of Zelda movie.