The Financial Turmoil of Lisa Marie Presley’s Estate Unveiled


The aftermath of Lisa Marie Presley’s passing has been marked by legal disputes and financial challenges for her estate. Following her tragic death in January at the age of 54, complications from a previous weight loss surgery were revealed as the cause. Shortly thereafter, her family, particularly her mother Priscilla Presley and granddaughter Riley Keough, found themselves entangled in a legal dispute over the validity of Lisa Marie’s will.

The disagreement centered on a 2016 amendment to the will that replaced Priscilla as a co-trustee with Riley. Allegations regarding misspellings, lack of notification, and absent witnesses were brought forth, but ultimately, a resolution was reached, and Priscilla received a settlement, preserving her relationship with Riley.

However, the family’s internal struggles were not the only challenges faced by Lisa Marie’s estate. In September 2023, Naussany Investments & Private Lending, LLC filed a lawsuit against the estate, claiming that Lisa Marie had failed to repay a $3.8 million loan taken out in May 2018. The loan, secured with Lisa Marie’s ownership of Elvis Presley Enterprises and Graceland as collateral, became a financial burden, leading to the lawsuit. Despite attempts at communication, the last correspondence with the late singer was reported in March 2022.


The lawsuit presented an option for resolution, offering the estate the opportunity to settle by paying 75% of the loan within 45 days, amounting to $2.85 million. As of the latest information, it is unclear whether the estate has taken advantage of this deal.

Lisa Marie’s financial challenges were not new; even before her death, reports surfaced during her divorce proceedings in February 2018 revealing her substantial debt of $16.7 million. The financial troubles were attributed to unpaid taxes, credit card bills, and a defaulted mortgage. In response, Lisa Marie sued her former manager, Barry Siegel, accusing him of mishandling her $100 million fortune. Siegel countered with a lawsuit, claiming Lisa Marie had mismanaged her finances.

The legal battle between Lisa Marie and her former manager added another layer of complexity to her financial woes. The ongoing legal saga leaves the financial future of Lisa Marie Presley’s estate uncertain, with no updates available at present.