The Erika Jayne-Denise Richards Feud Explained in ‘RHOBH’


It seems that the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is poised to be dominated by the unfolding drama involving Kyle Richards, with Bravo set to deliver a Winter of Discontent like never before. The spotlight, however, will also shine on the tumultuous relationship between Erika Jayne and Denise Richards, which has never been characterized by warmth. Much of the friction between them stems from Erika’s clashes with Denise’s enigmatic husband, Aaron Phypers, known for his eccentric views on cancer. In the previous season, Aaron’s aggressive behavior towards the cast members led to a confrontation with Erika about his “mansplaining” tendencies. Since then, their interactions have shifted from being merely cool to downright icy, especially during the women’s trip to Rome, where the topic of Denise’s alleged affair with Brandi Glanville was brought up.

Denise returns to the 90210 zip code as a “friend of” in the upcoming season, but it’s clear that tensions between her and Erika are far from resolved. The series preview reveals Erika’s palpable dislike for Denise, with discussions about Denise’s OnlyFans account adding fuel to the fire. Erika’s revelation about the content and pricing of Denise’s account leaves the other ladies in stunned disbelief. Later, fueled by liquid courage, Erika launches a verbal assault on Denise, revealing a side of her characterized by a chilling, almost Exorcist-like voice. Denise responds with a glare that could cut steel, branding Erika “one evil woman.” In the midst of Kyle’s own trials, this escalating feud may well become the most captivating storyline of the new season.

According to Erika, tensions between her and Denise were further fueled during a dinner hosted by Kyle, when Denise unexpectedly brought up Erika’s behavior at Garcelle Beauvais’ 2022 birthday party. This incident, in which Erika made inappropriate advances and exhibited rudeness, had already been addressed and resolved. Denise’s decision to revisit it years later understandably didn’t sit well with Erika. The incident actually occurred less than two years ago, but Erika seems keen on putting it behind her. However, the exact source of the bitterness between the two remains a mystery.


Denise’s accusations escalate further, with her labeling Erika a “bot monster” responsible for orchestrating a massive online attack against Garcelle’s son, Jax. This was a false accusation, and Erika does not take kindly to being lied about. Investigations ultimately revealed that the attacks originated from an Instagram user in Northern California, not as Denise claimed. This sets the stage for a heated confrontation, with Erika poised to sling mud in Denise’s direction.

As the season unfolds, viewers can anticipate a “pretty mess” as Erika and Denise navigate their tumultuous relationship. Denise’s ability to handle conflict, a previous stumbling block, will be under scrutiny, especially given the gravity of her accusations. However, with Erika presenting only one side of the story, it’s possible that there’s more to Denise’s perspective than meets the eye. A full perspective from Denise herself remains awaited, and it’s possible she’s holding her own bombshells for a strategic moment. Erika, on the other hand, appears to be relishing the conflict, even revealing that the atmosphere during the dinner party was intensified by the presence of THC in the food. The result? A “high” Erika, laughing in the face of Denise’s fury, though she admits the only downside was that her buzz was momentarily spoiled. This season is shaping up to be an unforgettable one for Real Housewives fans.