The Dating App That NFL Star Jason Kelce Found Love: Unveiling His Meet-Cute with Wife Kylie!


Jason Kelce and Kylie Kelce’s modern-day romantic tale commenced in a serendipitous encounter during the 21st century. Similar to many others, the couple took a chance by connecting through a popular dating application, ultimately paving the way to their joyous marital union.

For Jason, two rings hold immense significance—his Super Bowl ring, symbolizing his achievements in the NFL, and his wedding ring, signifying his commitment to his beloved wife, Kylie. Their journey as a married couple commenced in 2018, surrounded by 170 cherished guests in a heartwarming ceremony held in Philadelphia. Although their matrimonial journey spans a relatively short five years, they have weathered numerous experiences together. Parenthood blessed them with three wonderful daughters, while Kylie’s unwavering support bolstered Jason’s football career, leading him twice to the prestigious Super Bowl. Throughout it all, Jason remains utterly devoted to his wife, his affection enduring and unwavering.

In a candid moment on “The Pat McAfee” show in September 2023, the Philadelphia Eagles luminary effused about his wife, Kylie, and their joint documentary, “Kelce.” He expressed, “My wife has been in hiding for a long time. I think one of the best things about the documentary is that everybody got to see everything she does and everything she goes through — and the tremendous person and wife that she is.” Their love story, sparked by a simple swipe on a dating app, encapsulates an inspiring and captivating narrative.


Contrary to any assumptions about Tinder being solely for casual encounters, Jason and Kylie Kelce serve as a testament that meaningful connections can indeed sprout from the platform. Revealed in their 2023 documentary, Kylie openly shared, “Jason won’t let me lie about this. We met on Tinder,” somewhat bashful about their unconventional introduction.

During an appearance on the “New Heights” podcast hosted by Jason and Travis Kelce, Kylie disclosed more about Jason’s Tinder profile. Contrary to Jason’s belief that his profile hinted at his NFL stardom, Kylie clarified that his profile picture only showed his face, sans any evidence of his football profession. She elaborated, “It was cropped to fit Tinder, and so the only thing you could see was his face. So you couldn’t see the lower thirds, the ticker, anything — you couldn’t even see the Eagles emblem on his shirt.”

With little knowledge about his status, Kylie took a chance and swiped right, only later discovering his prominent status through a Google search. Despite this revelation, she remained uncertain, thinking, “It can’t be him; it’s a catfish.” Nevertheless, she ventured into a date, initially lacking the spark of love at first sight.

Their inaugural date proved unforgettable for Kylie, albeit for the wrong reasons. Disclosed on the “New Heights” podcast, Kylie recounted how Jason dozed off just 45 minutes into their rendezvous, in a state of inebriation. To add to the mishap, Jason’s teammate had to assist him home while he resisted. Reflecting on the incident, Jason admitted, “I was wiggling free. I was making it difficult for him. It became a challenge. But I definitely fell asleep, definitely got too inebriated.” Despite his intoxicated state, Jason was resolute in his belief that Kylie was the most captivating woman he had ever encountered.

Typically, a first date like the one Kylie experienced might lead one to call it quits, yet she decided to grant Jason another opportunity. Recounting in the “Kelce” documentary, she shared, “The next day, he called and was like, ‘Can we try that again?'” Agreeing to another date, Kylie conceded that Jason fared much better during their second chance at romance.