The dark side of Prince Harry


The criticism directed at Prince Harry begs the question: is it justified, or merely a reaction to his refusal to conform to traditional royal expectations? To assess this, let’s delve into Harry’s life and scrutinize some of his most controversial actions.

We’ll assign each incident a numerical score and compare it with the behaviors of other prominent royals to determine an ultimate ranking of the most contentious royal figures. While Prince Andrew is likely to claim the top spot, the race for the second position remains open.

  1. Cheated on exams:

During his time at Eton College, Harry allegedly received preferential treatment from teachers, who purportedly assisted him in cheating on his A-Level art exam. While Harry denies these allegations, the incident raises ethical concerns and undermines the integrity of academic standards.

Wrongdoing rating: 5/10

  1. Sent to heroin rehab:

Although Harry was never reported to have used heroin, he was sent to a rehab center as a teenager after engaging in marijuana and alcohol use. While substance abuse is a serious issue, Harry’s experience underscores the challenges faced by young royals under intense public scrutiny.

Wrongdoing rating: 2/10

  1. Assaulted a photographer:

In 2004, Harry allegedly pushed a photographer’s camera into his face, causing injury. While Harry’s aversion to intrusive media is understandable, resorting to physical violence reflects poorly on his character.

Wrongdoing rating: 2/10

  1. Engaged in trophy hunting:

Despite his purported commitment to animal conservation, Harry participated in a hunting expedition in Argentina, where he shot a water buffalo. His actions contradict his professed values and draw criticism for perpetuating harm to wildlife.

Wrongdoing rating: 6/10

  1. Wore a Nazi costume:

Harry’s decision to attend a costume party dressed as a Nazi officer in 2005 sparked widespread condemnation. The offensive attire displayed a profound lack of judgment and sensitivity toward historical atrocities.

Wrongdoing rating: 7/10

  1. Facilitated elephant relocation:

As president of African Parks, Harry supported the relocation of elephants, inadvertently leading to fatal encounters with villagers. While well-intentioned, the initiative’s unintended consequences highlight the complexities of conservation efforts.

Wrongdoing rating: 3/10

  1. Renounced royal duties:

Harry’s decision to step back from royal duties and relocate to the United States elicited mixed reactions. While some view it as a pursuit of personal happiness, others perceive it as a betrayal of his responsibilities to the monarchy and the British public.

Wrongdoing rating: 2/10

  1. Revealed intimate details:

In his autobiography “Spare,” Harry divulged personal anecdotes, including experiences with penile frostbite during a polar expedition. While intended to provide transparency, such disclosures are deemed excessive and inappropriate for a royal figure.

Wrongdoing rating: 3/10

Final assessment:

Prince Harry’s cumulative wrongdoing rating stands at 30/80, reflecting a mixed record of controversial actions. Despite facing criticism for various missteps, Harry’s journey is emblematic of the complexities and challenges inherent in royal life. As we await further developments, the spotlight shifts to Prince William, whose actions will determine his own place in royal history. Stay tuned for the next installment as we continue to explore the dynamics of royal conduct.