The Dark Side Of Matt Rife That You Probable Know Nothing About!


Comedian Matt Rife has built his brand around rejecting political correctness and opposing cancel culture. This approach has proven successful for the former “Wild ‘N Out” star, as evidenced by his thriving career. His first world tour, titled “ProbleMATTic,” gives fans a taste of the kind of comedy they can expect from him.

Rife is open about not shying away from jokes about marginalized groups, even incorporating a bit in his comedy special where he argues against placing limits on humor, using an example involving transgender individuals and wheelchair users. In discussions about cancel culture, Rife expressed admiration for how certain comedians navigate sensitive topics, aiming to cultivate a similarly unapologetic audience for himself.

Yet, Rife also admits concerns about potentially offending the very groups he jokes about. He acknowledges the delicate balance between making people laugh and avoiding causing harm. His experience with a Twitter controversy in 2016, where past offensive tweets resurfaced, may have influenced his stance against cancel culture.


Rife’s admiration for comedians like Dave Chappelle, who often challenge political correctness, aligns with his own comedic approach. He supported Chappelle during a controversy surrounding his trans-related jokes, emphasizing the importance of free expression.

While Rife owes much of his popularity to social media, he doesn’t shy away from critiquing its impact. He believes it often fosters negativity and drama. Despite this, he leverages platforms like TikTok to promote his comedy, acknowledging the benefits it brings to his career.

In personal matters, Rife has been candid about a serious relationship that ended, acknowledging his own mistakes without specifying them. He recognizes the impact of his actions on the breakup, but also the role played by his ex’s reaction.

Rife’s relationships, including one with Kate Beckinsale, have attracted attention. He made comments about his ex’s dating life, suggesting caution for her new partner. Additionally, Rife is candid about the challenges he perceives in being conventionally attractive, even if some believe it has worked to his advantage.

However, Rife has faced criticism for derogatory comments about women’s bodies, perpetuating unrealistic beauty standards. Sex educator Zoya Ali points out the potential harm of such remarks on individuals’ well-being.

Lastly, Rife has made contradictory statements about certain preferences, such as disliking women who enjoy boating while also expressing approval for his girlfriend’s boat pictures. He also holds opinions about Ouija boards, though he himself is interested in paranormal activities. Despite his insecurities, Rife recognizes the uncertainties inherent in the entertainment industry.