The Dark Side Of Halle Bailey’s Boyfriend DDG


In January 2022, rumors of a relationship between Disney star Halle Bailey and rapper DDG began swirling, and later, DDG confirmed their romance through an Instagram birthday post dedicated to Bailey. The couple openly expressed affection for each other in interviews, spotlighting their budding love. Bailey spoke candidly in a British Vogue interview in April 2023, attributing her relationship with DDG as transformative, igniting a newfound creative spark within her. She emphasized the depth of experiencing love beyond familial ties, resonating deeply with someone previously unknown but now central to her life.

Similarly, DDG, during an appearance on “The Breakfast Club” in November 2022, showered Bailey with praise, highlighting her impact on his life, citing her as a motivational force for him to strive for betterment.

However, their relationship has been marred by instances hinting at underlying strains. DDG sparked controversy in July 2023 with his song “Famous,” where he seemingly expressed insecurities regarding Bailey’s on-screen intimacy with her “Little Mermaid” co-star Jonah Hauer-King. The lyrics suggested discomfort with their promotional activities, including holding hands at the film’s premiere, which DDG perceived as affecting his sense of security in the relationship. The song stirred backlash from audiences accusing him of undermining Bailey’s success and publicly shading her.


Prior to his relationship with Bailey, DDG faced public discord with rapper Rubi Rose, his ex-girlfriend. In February 2023, Rose called out DDG on social media, implying that Bailey wore her clothing, hinting at lingering connections between her and DDG. Simultaneously, DDG unfollowed Bailey on Instagram and deleted their photos, fueling rumors of a potential breakup. During this time, Rose posted a screenshot of a conversation with DDG, insinuating he reached out to her following an argument with Bailey, sparking further controversy around their relationship status.

The public feud between DDG and Rose garnered criticism, with spectators expressing disappointment over the situation and concerns for Bailey’s well-being amid the social media drama.