The Crown’s Portrayal of the Life-Altering Car Crash & Taylor Swift’s Final Farewell to Netflix


The approaching Thanksgiving season brings a mix of news on Netflix, including both arrivals and departures. While the spooky content wave comes to an end, Netflix prepares for its annual series purge, bidding farewell to five shows simultaneously.

On the brighter side, the widely anticipated return of “The Crown” with its sixth season has captivated viewers’ attention, diving into the emotional journey of Princess Diana. The first half of the season, comprising four episodes, allows viewers to witness the People’s Princess enjoying her life post-divorce, yet foreshadows the impending tragic event that led to her untimely demise. The second half of the season is slated for release on December 14, promising more gripping storytelling.

However, not all Netflix originals achieve the expected success. Despite sporting animation reminiscent of the beloved “Arcane,” “Blue Eye Samurai” failed to secure a spot in the top 10 global charts and didn’t register significant viewership on platforms like FlixPatrol, despite earning a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes.


Additionally, “Shadow and Bone,” a fantasy series with a loyal fanbase, faced an abrupt end as Netflix decided to discontinue it. Nonetheless, passionate fans are rallying, drawing inspiration from the successful revival of “Warrior Nun,” hoping for a similar fate for their beloved series.

In a pre-Thanksgiving cleanup, Netflix bids adieu to several titles, including “Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour,” along with shows like “Agent Elvis,” “Captain Fall,” “Glamorous,” and “Farzar.” The platform is also slimming down its library, removing a plethora of movies such as “The Hills,” “Sing 2,” “Jaws” films, “Gladiator,” “The Wolf of Wall Street,” “Love Actually,” “Lost in Translation,” “Mission Impossible” series, “8 Mile,” among others, throughout the remaining weeks of the year.

Fans eager to catch these titles before they depart from the platform should seize the opportunity before the year’s end. The ongoing library cleanse serves as a reminder to stream these favorites one last time before they bid farewell from Netflix.