The Covenant parents come together to enact gun control


Mary Joyce told herself she would be kind, just as she always had been.

Surely, the members of the Tennessee General Assembly before her would be moved by her testimony at a special session dedicated to public safety.

Being the moderate conservative herself, she would recall the day in March when she dropped off her 9-year-old daughter at the Covenant School, a private Christian school tucked into one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Nashville. She would remind how three of her daughter’s third grade classmates, a beloved custodian, and the head of the school teacher, was killed along with a substitute teacher.


What she wants now is the modest measures that could have prevented the violence and still be accepted by other Republicans.

Joyce along with other parents felt that they stood a better chance together than anyone cutting through the division on gun control. Among them were the former Republican aides, gun owners and lifelong conservatives who could afford to spend days at the legislature.