The Celestial Toymaker Unleashes Chaos in Latest ‘Doctor Who’ Anniversary Specials Trailer!


The highly anticipated return of Doctor Who to our screens has finally been announced, and it’s set to be a momentous occasion. The BBC revealed that the first of three specials commemorating the show’s sixtieth anniversary will air on November 25, with the subsequent two following in the weeks after. To mark this significant event, a new trailer has been unveiled.

While the trailer predominantly features footage we’ve glimpsed before (no spoilers!), it offers a more detailed look at Neil Patrick Harris’s portrayal of the Celestial Toymaker. This character, a formidable adversary from The Doctor’s rogues gallery, hasn’t graced our screens since the show’s inception in 1963. Originally brought to life by Michael Gough, the Celestial Toymaker stands as one of the Doctor’s most powerful foes. He’s clashed not only with William Hartnell’s First Doctor but also with Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor in the Doctor Who Magazine comic strip. His malevolent scheme is deceptively simple: compelling the Doctor and companions to engage in perilous games for their very souls.

The upcoming 60th-anniversary specials will also mark the return of Catherine Tate’s beloved character, Donna Noble, who remains one of the most cherished companions in the revival series. When we last saw her, the Doctor had erased her memories to safeguard her. Now, she’s recalling things she shouldn’t, leading to complications for both her and the newly regenerated Fourteenth Doctor, portrayed by David Tennant, who is still unraveling the mystery behind his familiar face.


Joining the cast for the specials are Yasmine Finney as Donna’s daughter, Rose, Miriam Margolyes providing the voice for the iconic monster, the Meep, Ruth Madeley as Shirley Anne Bingham, Jacqueline King as Donna’s mother, Karl Collins as Shaun Temple, and Jemma Redgrave as Kate Lethbridge-Stewart. These specials mark the onset of a new era for the show under the stewardship of returning showrunner Russell T. Davies.

The first of Doctor Who’s anniversary specials will premiere on Disney+ in the US on November 25. Be sure to catch the exhilarating new trailer below.