The Blacklist’s Tom Keen Spinoff: Is It Happening?


“Tom Keen, portrayed by Ryan Eggold, was a beloved character in the long-standing TV series, The Blacklist. The prospect of him headlining his own spinoff show held immense promise. From a mysterious past to a versatile range of roles – a missing child, a lethal assassin, and a dedicated father – Tom was a character with layers worth exploring. However, The Blacklist: Redemption faced an untimely demise, managing only one season before its cancellation in 2017. The eight episodes aired during The Blacklist’s Season 4 hiatus, nestled between episodes 15 and 16. Despite a dedicated fan base eager to delve into Tom’s enigmatic backstory, the spinoff struggled to provide a comprehensive narrative for the character.

Tom’s introduction in The Blacklist revealed him as the enigmatic husband of Elizabeth Keen, with later seasons unveiling his connection to the notorious criminal leader, Raymond Reddington. Season 4, Episode 13, ‘Annabelle Stone,’ saw Tom discovering shocking news about his father’s supposed demise, propelling him on a journey to New York and a reunion with his mother in a covert operatives group.

In Redemption, Tom uncovers the truth about his father, Howard Hargrave, and becomes entangled in a complex feud between his parents. As a double agent for his father, Tom joins his mother’s corporation, Halcyon Aegis, alongside notorious criminals from Reddington’s blacklist. Embracing his undercover operative role, Tom navigates through a web of intrigue and missions, maintaining a carefully constructed façade. The season’s conclusion leaves audiences with even more ambiguous motives and conflicting agendas, setting the stage for The Blacklist’s Season 5.


The cancellation of ‘The Blacklist: Redemption’ can be attributed to its modest viewership, averaging 6.3 million viewers and a 1.2 rating. This paled in comparison to the flagship show, ultimately leading to the spinoff’s demise. Produced by an external studio, Sony Pictures Television, and undergoing a significant shift in genre and storytelling, the spinoff failed to capture the essence of Tom’s backstory that fans initially sought.

The decision to shift the genre towards an espionage thriller may have further contributed to the spinoff’s challenges. The fanbase of the original series largely comprised of police procedural enthusiasts, appreciating the gratification of resolved cases. The change in genre introduced an element of patience and complexity that didn’t align with the expectations of the core audience. Consequently, Tom’s character, once a standout in The Blacklist, found himself overshadowed in the world of espionage.

While additional seasons might have addressed some of these issues, the likelihood of ‘The Blacklist: Redemption’ making a return is slim. Ryan Eggold’s return to The Blacklist was brief, culminating in a pivotal moment in Season 5. With the conclusion of both The Blacklist and Redemption, the chances of revisiting Tom’s mysterious past seem unlikely. Despite a talented cast and compelling chemistry, Redemption may remain forever unredeemed in the eyes of its hopeful fans.”