‘The Blacklist’ ending explained!


The Blacklist, known for its intriguing premise and James Spader’s captivating portrayal of Raymond “Red” Reddington, concluded with a two-part finale that left audiences eagerly anticipating how the saga would resolve. In the first part, the FBI Task Force faces the dilemma of apprehending Red despite their complex ties to him. Harold Cooper insists on pursuing Red, setting the stage for a high-stakes pursuit.

However, Red’s resourcefulness thwarts their efforts. In a tense altercation involving Dembe and Congressman Hudson, Red orchestrates a car accident, leading to Hudson’s accidental death and Dembe’s critical injury. Red ensures Dembe’s survival with a life-saving blood transfusion, showcasing his calculated yet morally ambiguous actions.

The second part of the finale, “Raymond Reddington: Good Night,” sees Red in Spain, grappling with his mysterious illness. The narrative slows down as Red contemplates his life’s events. A tranquil moment turns tragic when Red encounters a charging bull at a cattle ranch. Despite the imminent danger, Red doesn’t evade the bull’s attack, leading to his demise.


The unexpected and abrupt demise of Red, symbolized by his death at the hands of a bull, left viewers bewildered. The absence of a meaningful exchange or closure between Red and the Task Force added to the dissatisfaction. The finale’s abrupt ending elicited disappointment from fans, who deemed it one of the worst TV show endings.

The lack of closure and the unconventional demise of the beloved character contributed to the overall sentiment of disappointment among fans, marking an unfortunate conclusion for a previously popular series.