The Beef Between Derek Hough And Maksim Chmerkovskiy Explained!


The feud between “Dancing With the Stars” pros Derek Hough and Maksim Chmerkovskiy became quite a spectacle, marked by public disagreements and subtle jabs at each other over the years.

The drama began in 2011 when Chmerkovskiy clashed with judge Len Goodman over critiques of his partner, Hope Solo’s performance. This disagreement escalated when Hough expressed his opinion in an interview with Us Weekly, seemingly indicating a rivalry between the two professionals.

Despite the rumored feud, Hough and Chmerkovskiy attempted to present a united front. They posed together, holding a copy of the magazine that published Hough’s comments, and gave interviews denying any animosity. They claimed they were on good terms and tried to downplay the rumored conflict, emphasizing their long-standing relationship.


However, beneath the surface, tensions persisted. Chmerkovskiy made comments implying that Hough’s wins on the show were influenced by having more advantageous celebrity partners. He suggested that Hough had it easier with partners like Nicole Scherzinger, Jennifer Grey, and Ricki Lake, subtly insinuating that this influenced the judges’ scoring.

Hough responded to these insinuations, denying any favoritism or rigging in the show’s outcomes. He emphasized his hard work and dedication, mentioning that while he was initially paired with strong contenders, he still succeeded. In later years, both professionals downplayed any rivalry, with Chmerkovskiy jokingly implying that it was more one-sided.

The feud between Derek Hough and Maksim Chmerkovskiy showcased a blend of public disputes, attempts to project unity, and underlying tensions that occasionally surfaced through subtle digs and differing opinions about their experiences on “Dancing With the Stars.”