The aesthetic eateries: Top 4 Instagrammable restaurants in Mississippi


Mississippi, known for its rich culture and delectable cuisine, offers a blend of flavors and atmospheres that make dining experiences truly memorable. For those seeking not just great food but also visually stunning settings, here are the top four Instagrammable restaurants in the state.

1. The Manship Wood Fired Kitchen Located in Jackson, The Manship Wood Fired Kitchen combines Southern culinary tradition with contemporary flavors. Its rustic yet chic interior and the warm glow of wood-fired ovens provide the perfect backdrop for your culinary adventures. The presentation of their dishes, from wood-fired pizzas to inventive small plates, is so photogenic that your Instagram feed will be brimming with tantalizing images.

The Manship (@TheManshipjxn) / X


2. The Library Lounge at Fairview Inn Nestled in the historic Fairview Inn in Jackson, The Library Lounge offers an old-world charm that’s hard to resist. The rich, opulent décor adorned with vintage books and cozy seating creates an ambiance perfect for capturing those intimate dining moments. Whether it’s their craft cocktails or beautifully plated dishes, every element here begs to be photographed.

Restaurants & Lounge in Jackson, MS. Historic Fairview Inn
image credits: Fairview Inn

3. Char Restaurant In the heart of Jackson, Char Restaurant stands out not only for its delicious steaks and seafood but also for its classic yet stylish interior. The elegant design, featuring dark woods and ambient lighting, creates an Instagram-worthy atmosphere. Dishes served on sleek plates with vibrant colors and artistic presentation are a feast for both the taste buds and the camera lens.

Filet and baked potato - Picture of Char Restaurant, Jackson - Tripadvisor
image credits: Tripadvisor

4. The rooftop at The Coop The Coop in Oxford elevates the dining experience with its rooftop setting, offering panoramic views that provide an ideal backdrop for your Instagram photos. Whether it’s brunch with friends or a romantic dinner, the combination of delicious Southern-inspired cuisine and breathtaking vistas will undoubtedly fill your Instagram feed with envy-inducing snapshots.

THE COOP, Oxford - Restaurant Reviews, Photos & Phone Number - Tripadvisor
image credits: Tripadvisor

Each of these restaurants offers not just delectable dishes but also captivating environments, inviting you to snap and share your culinary experiences. From chic interiors to picturesque rooftop views, Mississippi’s dining scene provides ample opportunities to showcase your foodie adventures on Instagram.