Thai nationals among the first to be release by Hamas in temporary truce deal with Israel


The clock struck 4 in Israel and Gaza, the time that 13 women and children, who were abducted on October 7 by Hamas, are expected to be released. Their families have been eagerly waiting for this moment for more than a month now.

In response to Hamas releasing the hostages, the Israeli authorities will release some 39 Palestinian women and children – 24 women and 15 teenage boys – from jails and will be sent to West Bank as a part of temporary truce agreement.

In latest update, Thai Prime Minister has said that 12 Thai nationals held hostage by the Palestinian militant group have been released.


He added that the embassy is on the way to receive them, but did not specify where the hostages were.

It follows the Egyptian State Information Service saying, “Intensive Egyptian efforts resulted in the release of 12 Thai nationals.”

It must be noted that the release of Thai nationals was not a part of the deal mediated by Qatar.

Israel still awaits the release of 13 Israelis.

There has been no comment from Hamas.