Terry Richardson faces another sexual assault under NY Adult Survivors Act


Another woman has come forward with sexual assault allegations against Terry Richardson before the New York State Adult Survivors Act expire on Thanksgiving.

Caron Bernstein, a former actress and model, filed a lawsuit Thursday at the eleventh hour against the fashion photographer in New York Supreme Court, according to the reports of USA Today, citing the court documents.

The lawsuit claims that Bernstein was “lured” into Richardson’s office, in 2003, with a work offer. Instead of both parties engaging in a professional photo shoot, the photographer allegedly sexually assaulted her. She claimed that he held her and forced his erect penis in and out her mouth, without her expressed or implied consent, until he ejaculated his semen on her neck, chest, and breasts.


Bernstein’s lawsuit against Richardson, who has also faced sexual assault allegations during #MeToo movement, comes after Spanish model Minerva Portillo allegations that the photographer sexually assaulted her in front of his employees.

One of the attorneys of Bernstein, Albert J. Santoro, the former model spent her Thanksgiving with her legal team after feeling humbled and inspired by the Spanish model’s courage. She wanted to stand shoulder to shoulder with other victims, said her attorney.