Tekken 8 Unveils Riveting Reina Gameplay in Latest Trailer


Bandai Namco recently unveiled an exciting development for Tekken 8, releasing a captivating trailer that not only showcased the final character of the game’s roster but also elevated the anticipation surrounding its upcoming release. This unveiling occurred as part of a special event on November 12, promising a unique experience for fans. The event featured renowned Tekken 7 EVO champions engaging in intense battles, complemented by a guest appearance from the game’s producer. As a tantalizing bonus, the event teased the reveal of Tekken 8’s ultimate character, rounding up the roster to an impressive 32 fighters upon the game’s launch.

Tekken 8’s diverse roster encompasses a blend of seasoned veterans and intriguing newcomers. Iconic figures like Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima stand alongside recently introduced characters, with newcomers such as Victor Chevalier and Azucena Milagros earning praise for their distinctive fighting styles. The heightened excitement surrounding the game reached its pinnacle with the release of the final character trailer, showcasing the stylish gameplay of the newly unveiled fighter, Reina.

The trailer opens with a familiar Tekken stage, the Mishima family dojo, adorned with statues of various demons. From her throne, Reina emerges and engages in combat with every previously revealed fighter. Notably, her attacks are infused with purple lightning, a nod not only to her title but also to her lineage as the illegitimate child of the notorious Tekken family patriarch, Heihachi Mishima. The trailer features special round intro interactions with two other members of the Mishima bloodline, Kazuya Mishima and Jin Kazama, adding an extra layer of familial dynamics to the game.


With the confirmed demise of Heihachi Mishima in Tekken 8, Reina steps into the void left by the patriarch of the Tekken family. This transition is vividly illustrated in the trailer’s second half, where Reina not only inherits Heihachi’s lightning powers but also replicates his iconic moves, including the trademark headbutt, stomp, palm thrust, and the infamous Electric Wind God Fist uppercut. The connection is further solidified with her Rage Art finisher, enveloping her in darkness after delivering a punch, forming a silhouette strikingly reminiscent of Heihachi, complete with his distinctive devil horn hair.

The roster of confirmed Tekken 8 characters is extensive, featuring a mix of returning favorites and exciting newcomers. Reina, being another illegitimate child of Heihachi, assumes the role of Kazuya Mishima’s sister and, consequently, the aunt of Jin Kazama. Despite prior leaks hinting at her existence, the community’s excitement remains palpable, eager to explore Reina’s appearance and gameplay, which promises to carry on the legacy of her late father, Heihachi. As Tekken 8 gears up for its release in February, fans are eagerly anticipating the unique contributions Reina will bring to the highly acclaimed franchise.