Taylor Swift’s Laughable Rumoured Exit From The Chiefs Game Is Upsetting Fans!


Are you… prepared for this? Taylor Swift enthusiasts have put forth an intriguing theory about how she purportedly evaded the crowd at the recent Kansas City Chiefs game.

Swift caused a stir online on September 24 when she made an unexpected appearance at the Chiefs game. Well, maybe it wasn’t entirely unexpected, given the swirling rumors of romance between Swift and NFL standout Travis Kelce. These rumors began in July when the football player mentioned on the “New Heights” podcast that he attended the Eras Tour and attempted to connect with the Grammy-winning singer by gifting her a friendship bracelet with his phone number. Regrettably, he didn’t get a chance to meet Swift. Nevertheless, fans worldwide couldn’t help but root for the potential match.

As reported by Boston News, Kelce wasn’t ready to give up on winning Swift’s affections. He later revealed to ESPN that he handed over the initiative to Swift, stating, “I threw the ball in her court and told her, ‘I’ve seen you rock the stage in Arrowhead. You might have to come see me rock the stage in Arrowhead and see which one’s a little more lit.'” Swift took him up on his offer, and when fans got wind of her presence at the game, they flocked to her location. However, the “All Too Well” singer is no stranger to handling crowds, and Swifties speculate that she went to great lengths to avoid the commotion.


Did Taylor Swift exit in a popcorn machine?


Whenever Taylor Swift appears, chaos ensues, and the September 24 Kansas City Chiefs game was no exception, resembling a Swift concert in its fervour. Throughout the game, the cameras frequently turned to the “Karma” singer, who was in the company of Travis Kelce’s mother in what is believed to be her rumoured beau’s private suite. Even when Kelce scored a touchdown, the focus shifted to Swift, who celebrated the football star’s achievement. Yet, as attention increasingly centred on the musician, fans congregated near the suite in hopes of catching a glimpse of Swift.

At the conclusion of the game, fans waited outside Swift’s suite, anticipating her exit, as per TMZ. However, as individuals gradually left the stadium, Swift was nowhere to be seen. Nevertheless, a fan theory proposed that the “Cruel Summer” songstress made her departure incognito, possibly by using a metal box designed to transport a popcorn machine. (Yes, you read that correctly.)

One devoted Swift fan tweeted, “TAYLOR LEFT IN A POPCORN MACHINE IM CRYING OVER THIS,” along with a video of the machine being wheeled out. While many Swifties supported the notion that the pop star made her exit via a popcorn machine, it turns out to have been a baseless rumour. Nonetheless, fans have witnessed the singer employ elaborate exit strategies before. For her Eras Tour, Swift utilized a “cleaning cart” to move to and from the stage. This time, however, Swift left the football stadium accompanied by Kelce and his family.