Taylor Swift’s hickey from Travis Kelce at Eras Tour is so high school


In “So High School” from “The Tortured Poets Department,” Taylor Swift sings about feeling like she’s back in high school when she looks into her significant other’s eyes. Now, in her relationship with football star Travis Kelce, Swift seems to have embraced the song’s youthful, carefree energy, as evidenced by her appearing with a possible hickey during the Eras Tour. Observant fans spotted a bright red mark on Swift’s neck during one of her shows in Sweden, sparking excitement and speculation. “Is that a… hickey, Taylor? #ErasTourStockholm,” tweeted one fan, sharing a video of the potential marking on X (formerly Twitter).

While some fans attributed the red mark to mosquito bites, most leaned into the idea that it was a sign of her romance with Kelce. “Lmfao!!! Yaaass queen get yours! She’s such a normal gal, [I’m] so proud she’s loved,” tweeted one fan. On TikTok, a similar video showcasing Swift’s potential hickey went viral, garnering over 450,000 likes. Fans expressed their excitement with comments like, “I’M SAYING. I SCREAMED,” and, “WHEN I SAY I DROPPED MY PHONE SOMEONE PICK UP MY JAW.” Another fan, with over 25,000 likes, humorously questioned, “You’re telling me that her face makeup stays on through sweat and rain, but they couldn’t cover a hickey?”

The enthusiasm among her fans was palpable.

The mark on Taylor Swift’s neck might not actually be a hickey—it could be something as simple as a flat iron burn. However, the timeline supports the hickey theory, given that Swift’s Swedish shows occurred between May 17 and May 20, shortly after she and Kelce enjoyed a romantic trip to Italy. According to People, Swift took a break from her busy schedule to visit Lake Como with Kelce. The couple embraced the romantic setting, sharing a sweet kiss during a boat ride. Photos captured by the outlet show Swift gazing lovingly into Kelce’s eyes.

Incidentally, Kelce recently revealed that his favorite Swift song is “So High School,” which Swifties believe she wrote about him. “I might be a little biased to ‘So High School,'” Kelce told People. Swifties noted the lyric, “I feel like laughin’ in the middle of practice,” which could be a nod to Kelce’s football career, reinforcing the belief that the song is about him. Considering Kelce’s endearing acknowledgment of the track, Swift’s somewhat awkward lyric about Grand Theft Auto can easily be forgiven.