Taylor Swift’s Ex Joe Alwyn Roasted Over Disastrous Hair En Route To Cannes Film Festival


Joe Alwyn has been facing criticism from Taylor Swift’s fans for quite some time, so it’s perhaps not surprising that when he arrived in Nice for the 2024 Cannes Film Festival, he looked a bit disheveled. It could also be that his hair was still adjusting after the flight.

Alwyn’s latest film, “Kinds of Kindness,” is competing for the prestigious Palme d’Or at Cannes, which is a significant achievement for him. Despite the excitement of being photographed and asked for autographs at the airport, Swift’s fans seized the opportunity to critique his appearance. They particularly mocked his unruly hair. One fan on X, formerly Twitter, commented, “He looks homeless ijbol,” with IJBOL meaning “I just burst out laughing.” Another bluntly questioned, “What the f*** is going on with his hair?”

Alwyn seems to have a history of not letting the disdain from Swifties affect his life, so he likely isn’t too bothered by the recent comments. Additionally, his hair might not have been as bad in person as it appeared in photos.

Joe Alwyn’s hair looked quite messy in some photos from his arrival in Nice, but these were taken outside the airport. Inside, his hair appeared much more controlled, reminiscent of James Dean’s iconic style. This suggests that the wind may have played a role in his tousled look rather than it being an intentional new hairstyle.

Interestingly, not everyone disapproved of Alwyn’s airport look. Vogue praised his appearance, suggesting it showed him moving on from his breakup with Swift and the subsequent backlash. More than a year after their split, Alwyn seems to be embracing a new era and possibly reinventing his style.

While Swift’s fans might continue to scrutinize him, Alwyn seems unfazed. However, to avoid further criticism, he might consider checking the weather before stepping outside, at least until the buzz around “The Tortured Poets Department” settles down.