Taylor Swift Thrills Fans with Live Performances of ‘Say Don’t Go’ and ‘It’s Time to Go


Taylor Swift recently concluded the final performance of the Eras Tour in São Paulo, marking her third appearance in the city for this tour. This show was an emotional farewell to her dedicated Brazilian fan base, who have consistently shown immense love and support throughout the tour, creating a memorable experience for the singer and her followers.

Swift’s São Paulo concert on November 26, 2023, was highly anticipated by the enthusiastic Brazilian Swifties. Despite their hopeful chants for songs from “Reputation (Taylor’s Version),” rumors of an official release of the re-recorded album circulated, fueled by the singer’s playful remarks on stage. Swift’s slip of the tongue, referring to her “Rep” Tour instead of the “Eras” Tour, further ignited speculation, which she humorously acknowledged.

Contrary to the expectations of a “Reputation” announcement, Swift surprised her audience by performing two lesser-known tracks, “Say Don’t Go” and “It’s Time to Go,” during the acoustic set at Allianz Parque Stadium. These songs, performed live for the first time ever, captivated the audience with Swift’s remarkable stage presence.


The emotionally charged ballad “Say Don’t Go,” co-written with Diane Warren, recently released as a vault track in “1989 (Taylor’s Version),” earned a top-10 spot on the Billboard Hot 100. Swift showcased her guitar skills while performing this heartfelt song center stage. Additionally, she debuted “It’s Time to Go,” co-written with Aaron Dessner, featured on the deluxe version of “Evermore” in 2020, which attained significant success as the best-selling alternative music album in 2021 in the US and the best-selling Americana album in the UK.

During the concert, fans captured these remarkable moments and shared them on social media platforms. Swift’s commitment to surprise her fans with different songs at each tour stop led her to promise a reset for the upcoming 2024 shows, making all songs fair game again. She assured her fans of more new songs and hinted at her enthusiasm for playing certain tracks she’s eager to perform live.

Expressing her gratitude and nostalgia, Swift described The Eras Tour as a magical adventure and a celebration of her fans’ unwavering support throughout her career. She emphasized the importance of this tour, designed to commemorate her favorite touring memories and create new ones with her dedicated fan base.