Taylor Swift Teases Possible Announcement of ‘Reputation (Taylor’s Version)’: Clues and Speculations Unveiled


It seems Taylor Swift is hinting at the imminent release of “Reputation (Taylor’s Version)” as part of her ongoing project to re-record and re-release her earlier albums after her masters were sold to Scooter Braun in 2019.

Several clues have been observed by fans, suggesting that “Reputation” might be the next album to receive the Taylor’s Version treatment:

1. Era Hints in Wardrobe: Swift has been noted to incorporate more colors and tones reminiscent of her “Reputation” era into her wardrobe. Her choice of clothing, particularly shades of black, silver, and gold, has traditionally been used as a subtle hint regarding upcoming projects or announcements.


2. Song Performances: During the Eras Tour, Swift performed every song from “Reputation” except for “I Did Something Bad.” Fans speculate this deliberate omission could be a nod to the pending release of “Reputation (Taylor’s Version),” similar to how she held off performing certain songs until announcing re-recorded albums in the past.

3. Dancers Dropping Clues: One of Swift’s dancers posted a black and white photo of a snake on social media. The snake symbolizes Swift’s “Reputation” era, which was originally associated with her public feud involving Kim Kardashian, who referred to Swift as a snake.

4. Subtle Gestures: Swift’s subtle actions during her concerts, like winking as she exits the stage, have also caught the attention of keen-eyed fans. These gestures often spark speculation and theories among her fanbase about potential surprises or announcements.

All these hints and clues have led fans to believe that “Reputation (Taylor’s Version)” could be the next album Swift is gearing up to announce in her journey of re-recording her earlier discography.