Taylor Swift seemingly struggles to breath during her Eras Tour Brazil concert


Taylor Swift appeared to be gasping for air during her performance in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Friday night, due to the adverse weather.

A fan took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share the video of the singer, wherein she can be seen trying to gasp for air in between her set.


In reaction to the video, one of the concerned fan wrote on X, “OMG… this breaks my heart in so many levels.” Another fan penned, “She’s so professional but watching her like this, my best wishes go to her.” The post continued that people are also worried about her fans, who have to endure such temperatures.

One of the user pointed out that the singer is quite healthy and is just 33, and to still gasp for air is really scary.

Several other users commended her for postponing Saturday night’s show after the fans attended the previous night’s show in soaring temperature of 100° F.

It was announced on Saturday afternoon that she would postpone her concert considering the well being of her fans and crew members.