Taylor Swift Opens Up About Queer Rumors in Prologue for ‘1989 (Taylor’s Version)’


In the prologue of her ‘1989 (Taylor’s Version)’ album, Taylor Swift vehemently addresses the rampant public speculation regarding her sexual orientation, particularly rumors suggesting romantic involvement with some of her close female friends. Page Six corroborates this revelation, highlighting how the pop icon, in her new album, candidly shares that she chose to exclusively socialize with women after realizing that any interaction, even purely platonic, with men would inevitably lead to assumptions of a romantic relationship.

Swift expressed, “And so I made a pledge to distance myself from male companionship. No dating, no flirting, nothing that could be manipulated by a culture that professed to champion women’s liberation, yet consistently held me to the strict moral standards of a bygone era,” as documented in screenshots circulating on Twitter, as reported by Page Six.

She further elaborated in her prologue, stating, “I decided to forgo dating altogether and concentrate solely on my personal growth, my music, and nurturing my female friendships,” adding, “If I stuck exclusively to my female friends, there wouldn’t be room for sensationalism or objectification, right? Later on, I would come to realize that people still could, and would, do just that.” While this may seem like the initial instance in which the ‘Blank Space’ singer refuted rumors about her sexuality, this is not the case.


During an interview with Vogue in September 2019, Swift swiftly dismissed the notion that her song “Me!” contained subtle hints about her sexual orientation, as reported by Page Six. She remarked, “Rights are being stripped from basically everyone who isn’t a heterosexual, white, cisgender male,” the ‘Wildest Dreams’ singer noted, adding, “It only recently dawned on me that I can advocate for a community I’m not a part of.” She continued, “It’s a challenge to navigate this without the paralyzing fear of making a misstep that leaves you frozen. Because my missteps reverberate loudly across the world’s stage.”

Speculation surrounding Swift’s sexual orientation first emerged in 2010 when she formed a close friendship with “Glee” star Dianna Agron, as reported by Page Six. During that time, Swift dedicated a song from her ‘Red’ album to Agron, but their friendship waned by the release of ‘1989’. In May 2023, Agron clarified that the song ’22’ was not specifically about her, despite Swift using her name in the lyrics, stating, “It’s more a testament to our friendship than being the muse behind the song,” adding, “But I wouldn’t be the authority on that! I can’t claim that!” The Glee star also added, “That’s quite intriguing,” continuing, “I… I mean, there have been numerous tales about my romantic life that are wildly unfounded. It’s rather amusing.”

Both Agron and Swift have been staunch advocates for the LGBTQIA+ community, although they have not explicitly identified themselves as part of it. In other words, the star of the ‘Midnight’ album is currently in a relationship with Travis Kelce, and the couple appears to be thriving together.