Taylor Swift gives heated reaction to boyfriend Travis Kelce being pushed during game


Taylor Swift jumped from her seat after she witnessed her boyfriend being pushed and thrown during the Kansas City Chief’s winning game against New England Patriots.

The NFL broadcast flashed to the singer, who can be apparently seen mouthing “f*ck” in reaction to the tumble during the game over the weekend in Foxborough, Mass.

During the play, the tight end was shoved by Patriots cornerback Myles Bryant before seemingly tripping as the football careened past him.


It is unclear whether Travis Kelce flopped, which is a term used when athlete intentionally dives just to get a penalty call on the opposite team.

While the Grammy winner singer is regular to Travis’s games as since they started dating, this is the first time she was accompanied by her father, Scott.

Scott rocked Chiefs swag during the concert, despite being revealed by Travis, during one of the podcast episodes that Scott is a Philadelphia Eagles fan.

His appearance comes after the reports that the athlete has asked for his blessing to propose Taylor.