Taylor Swift Brushes Off NFL Fans’ Boos During Chiefs Game


Taylor Swift has been a notable presence in the football scene this season, particularly for her support of Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce. Her appearances at games have garnered attention from both fans and the media, sparking discussions about her interactions with the crowd and her reactions during the matches.

Swift’s first notable appearance cheering on Travis Kelce was during the Kansas City Chiefs’ game against the Green Bay Packers on December 3. Fans noticed her enthusiastic support, even affectionately shouting, “Come on, Trav!” This endearing moment earned praise from Swift’s fanbase, the Swifties, who were delighted to see her backing the football player.

Continuing her support, Swift was seen at subsequent games, including the Chiefs’ matchup against the Buffalo Bills. After celebrating her birthday in New York City, she attended yet another game at Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts as the Chiefs faced the New England Patriots. Accompanied by her father, Scott, and Brittany Mahomes, wife of Chiefs player Patrick Mahomes, Swift donned Chiefs attire with a red and white beanie, maintaining her cheerful demeanor despite receiving some boos from Patriots fans.


During one instance where Swift’s face appeared on the Jumbotron, eliciting boos from the crowd, she reacted with a wave and a kiss, seemingly taking it in stride. Observers speculated that some of the disapproval might have been due to her father’s Chiefs apparel.

While Swift handled the negative response with grace, expressing her support for Kelce, there was a contrasting reaction from her when Kelce faced an on-field incident. Swift was visibly upset when Kelce was pushed to the turf by a Patriots player, Myles Bryant, and the referee didn’t call a penalty. Cameras captured Swift seemingly mouthing an expletive, which later circulated as a viral internet meme.

Despite her passionate reaction, Patriots player Myles Bryant downplayed the incident, acknowledging the intense nature of the game. Swift herself addressed the attention she received for attending Kelce’s games, expressing surprise at the extensive coverage and humorously mentioning she might be unknowingly irritating a few spectators.

In her interview for Time’s Person of the Year, Swift emphasized her presence at the games solely to support Travis Kelce, maintaining her focus on backing her boyfriend rather than any possible reactions or opinions from the crowd.