Taylor Swift & Brittany Mahomes’ Celebratory Handshake Sparks Controversy!


Football enthusiasts were far from pleased with the touchdown celebration between Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes on October 22 during the Kansas City Chiefs’ faceoff against the Los Angeles Chargers. The Chiefs, which includes Swift’s current beau Travis Kelce, emerged victorious, a detail of considerable importance to fervent Chiefs supporters — including Swift and her newfound companion, Brittany Mahomes. The duo engaged in a spirited post-touchdown handshake, which quickly went viral. In the video clip, Swift and Mahomes, the wife of Kelce’s teammate Patrick Mahomes, enthusiastically jumped, executed their adorable handshake, and concluded the celebratory moment with a playful hip bump.

If their initial coordination seemed a tad shaky, it could likely be attributed to a mix of excitement, adrenaline, and the novelty of their now-famous handshake. A different video shared on social media captured the moment when Swift and Mahomes fine-tuned the details of their celebratory moves. Swift took the lead, demonstrating the sequence of actions to Mahomes, who attempted to mirror them back. Interestingly, the practice footage did not include an actual handshake, but it did feature Swift’s amusing grunt and a little side dance. Fans reacted with amusement, with one fan account tweeting, “Is this the making of the handshake i’m [crying emoji].”

Regrettably, a faction of disgruntled sports fans took to social media to express their displeasure over this harmless interaction.


The handshake between Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes triggered considerable distress among a significant portion of football fans — and this is no exaggeration. The comments section under a Barstool Sports tweet was flooded with fans bemoaning Swift and Mahomes for their harmless display of jubilation. Comments like, “Okay I’m sick of it already thanks,” and “Make it stop already…for the love of everything holy,” were common. One particularly vexed fan went so far as to say, “I wouldn’t be mad if the NFL season ended after today and not come back until that relationship is over.” Some even resorted to humor, sharing a GIF from “The Office” where Steve Carell’s character says, “Kill me right now!”

Negativity surrounding Swift and Mahomes’ exuberant reaction was widespread across social media platforms. Some fans speculated about Swift’s true feelings towards Mahomes, while others expressed their disapproval of their friendship. One fan remarked, “Brittany Mahomes is so self-conscious. Awkward. Guarantee, Taylor Swift is being attentive to her now, because of a certain exasperated eye roll in last video.” Another fan outright rejected their friendship, stating, “This is a BFF friendship I cannot endorse.” The sentiment was echoed by another who said, “Chief fans got it bad… yall gotta deal with Taylor Swift now, Brittany Mahomes, and the worst of them all… Jackson Mahomes… Jesus Christ man.”

Who would have thought a simple handshake could cause such a commotion?

Despite the haters, Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes’ interaction didn’t dampen the spirits of Swift and Travis Kelce. According to TMZ, the new couple left the stadium hand-in-hand, exuding an air of contentment. They departed in a golf cart and later convened at Kelce’s mansion for a post-game celebration with their inner circle. Guests arrived in a party bus while Swift and Kelce opted for a Rolls Royce. The festivities featured a spread from a local BBQ joint.

Since going public with Swift, Kelce and the Chiefs haven’t lost a game, leading some to believe Swift might be his good luck charm. Regardless, at least one person is pleased with this new romance: Kelce’s coach, Andy Reid. During an interview, Reid playfully encouraged Swift to keep attending the games, quipping, “Kelce keeps getting better with time, Taylor can stay around all she wants.” Reid also revealed that he’d met Swift years prior to her connection with Kelce, and joked about being their matchmaker. Perhaps this relationship is destined after all.