Taylor Sheridan rejected this crossover idea for Yellowstone


With the Yellowstone franchise expanding rapidly, including two prequels, a third installment on the horizon, and even a spin-off in development, it’s evident that creator Taylor Sheridan has established a sprawling universe within the Western genre. However, Sheridan’s creative repertoire extends beyond Yellowstone, encompassing an array of compelling dramas, Western features, and two distinct non-Yellowstone series, one of which is The Mayor of Kingstown.

Featuring Jeremy Renner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe fame, Mayor of Kingstown shares thematic elements with its Montana-based counterpart, revolving around the dynamics of a powerful family in a gripping thriller narrative. Despite these similarities, fans have speculated about potential connections between Yellowstone and Kingstown, pondering the possibility of a crossover.

However, Hugh Dillon, co-creator of Kingstown and a cast member in both series (Sheriff Donnie in Yellowstone and Ian in Mayor of Kingstown), dispelled such theories, affirming that the two series were always conceived as separate entities. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Dillon emphasized that Kingstown was conceptualized prior to Yellowstone and underscored Sheridan’s singular focus on authenticity and specificity in his storytelling.


Dillon’s insights shed light on Sheridan’s creative process, likening it to that of a musician deeply attuned to crafting authentic narratives. He revealed that the idea for Kingstown was pitched to Sheridan as early as 2008, a decade preceding the release of Yellowstone, illustrating Sheridan’s longstanding commitment to diverse storytelling.

While the allure of a crossover between Yellowstone and Kingstown may tempt fans, Dillon’s remarks underscore the distinctiveness of each narrative within Sheridan’s oeuvre. With Sheridan’s penchant for authenticity and meticulous storytelling, each project within the Yellowstone universe and beyond stands as a testament to his unwavering dedication to crafting riveting narratives that resonate with audiences. Thus, while the speculation may persist, the need for a crossover between Yellowstone and Kingstown remains unwarranted, given the richness and depth already present in both series.