Tamera Mowry’s Daughter Ariah: Growing Up as Her Mother’s Mirror Image


Tamera Mowry-Housley and her daughter, Ariah Housley, share an uncanny resemblance that’s hard to miss. From their sun-kissed skin and cherubic faces to their jet-black hair, the mother-daughter duo exhibits striking similarities, evident even during Ariah’s TV debut on “The Real.” Tamera’s husband, Adam Housley, also acknowledged their striking likeness, affirming that Ariah takes after her mother.

Expressing delight in their similarities, Tamera emphasized how Ariah’s baby pictures mirrored her own. The proud mother has eagerly shared her love for fashion and makeup with Ariah, anticipating moments to indulge in these passions together. Ariah, evolving into a mini fashionista, has been seen in public events, adorning styles that echo her mother’s chic sensibilities.

Their moments together extend beyond fashion and beauty. Attending events like the premiere of “The Little Mermaid” as a cohesive duo, Tamera and Ariah showcased their harmonious style in mismatched yet complementary dresses, radiating elegance on the blue carpet.


A testament to their bond, Tamera and Ariah engaged in a “Mommy and Me” makeup session, revealing Ariah’s interest in emulating her mother’s beauty routine. They playfully explored subtle makeup looks, bonding over shared activities and expressions of beauty.

While Tamera is renowned for her role in “Sister, Sister,” Ariah aspires to follow in her mother’s footsteps in the entertainment industry. Expressing her children’s interest in showbiz, Tamera revealed that both Ariah and her brother, Aiden, aim to venture into acting. Ariah, in particular, has shown an eagerness to star in her mother’s movies, indicating her burgeoning interest in the field.

In a delightful and nostalgic tribute, Tamera and Ariah recreated a scene from “Sister, Sister” on Instagram, showcasing Ariah’s charm and potential. As Ariah reprised Tamera’s role from the show, her natural talent and poise were evident, drawing positive attention from viewers, hinting at a promising future in the entertainment world.