Taika Waititi’s Marvel Journey: Initially Uninterested but Seized ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Due to Financial Need and Opportunity for Family


Taika Waititi, the acclaimed filmmaker behind Marvel’s “Thor: Ragnarok” and “Thor: Love and Thunder,” recently shared candid insights on his initial reluctance to direct a Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) film and the future of the “Thor” franchise.

In a conversation on the “SmartLess” podcast, Waititi admitted that initially, he had no interest in joining the MCU as a director. He took on “Thor: Ragnarok” primarily for financial reasons, as he was facing financial strain with a growing family. He also revealed that the “Thor” franchise was not something he resonated with as a child, and he found the character baffling even after doing some research.

Despite his reservations, “Thor: Ragnarok” turned out to be a critical success, earning acclaim and substantial box office returns. However, Waititi expressed uncertainty about returning to direct a potential “Thor 5,” mentioning that his schedule is already occupied for the next six years with other projects. He stated that he loves working with Marvel and has a good relationship with the studio, expressing openness to returning to the franchise in the future.


Chris Hemsworth, who portrays Thor, mentioned in interviews that discussions about a potential “Thor 5” were ongoing but not officially confirmed. He expressed a desire for the film to be unpredictable and engaging without overstaying its welcome to avoid viewer fatigue.

Regarding “Thor: Love and Thunder,” the fourth film in the series, Waititi acknowledged the polarizing reception due to its comedic and sometimes silly tone. Hemsworth mentioned that the crew might have had too much fun while making the movie, leading to a particularly light-hearted tone that may have turned off some fans.

Looking ahead, Waititi hinted at the potential direction of a fifth “Thor” movie, suggesting the need for a formidable villain to surpass the level set by Hela, the antagonist in “Ragnarok.” He emphasized the importance of evolving the character while facing new challenges, alluding to a continued evolution of Thor’s journey in a fun yet significant way.

As of the statements made by Waititi, Hemsworth, and the discussions surrounding the “Thor” franchise, the direction and details about a potential “Thor 5” remain speculative, with no official confirmation or concrete plans from Marvel Studios at this time.