T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach Make Relationship Public on Instagram Post Affair Scandal!


T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach have recently taken their romance public on social media, solidifying their relationship. The pair had been at the center of a major television news scandal in November 2022 when images surfaced, revealing their intimate connection. This revelation was particularly surprising as both were thought to be in happy marriages, although Robach and her husband had reportedly separated a few months prior.

In the aftermath of the scandal, Holmes filed for divorce from his wife, Marilee Fiebig, and the two news anchors were subsequently removed from their positions at ABC in January 2023. Despite the controversy, Holmes and Robach’s relationship has endured, with the couple frequently spotted displaying affection in public. This was documented by paparazzi and not shared directly by the couple themselves.

After months of keeping a relatively low profile, Holmes has now chosen to share images of himself and Robach on social media. He posted a series of photos from a football game at his alma mater, the University of Arkansas, where Robach could be seen holding his hands and Holmes reciprocated by hugging her from behind as they watched the game. While Holmes’ caption focused on the university, Robach’s separate post just days prior hinted at their love, showing two seats reserved for them at the game with the hashtag “#truelove.”


These public displays of affection on social media serve as a clear affirmation of their enduring relationship, dispelling any doubts about their commitment to each other.