‘Suits’ L.A. Spin-Off Guarantees ‘Same Energy and Good-Looking People’ as the Original Show


Fresh insights have emerged regarding the forthcoming spin-off of the acclaimed series “Suits,” which is slated to unfold its storyline against the backdrop of Los Angeles.

Penned by Aaron Korsh, the mastermind behind the original “Suits” series, this new venture is poised to transpire “within the same timeframe” as its predecessor, as highlighted by Beatrice Springborn, the head of Universal International Studios and UCP, during a recent announcement.

Springborn also pledged that the spin-off will encapsulate “the same dynamism and captivating allure embodied by the original series, adorned with a cast of aesthetically pleasing individuals.”

Unveiling details at the U.K. industry conference Content London, Springborn referred to the show as “Suits L.A.,” indicating that it’s currently in the developmental phase and exuding an air of enthusiasm and positivity. (Although it’s worth noting that according to a source disclosed, “Suits L.A.” might not be the definitive title for the spin-off.)

This endeavor aligns with the trend of reviving established franchises, which holds appeal for streaming platforms seeking enduring content. Springborn emphasized, “Shows like ‘Suits’ attract significant interest from streamers due to their continued popularity, offering viewers an engaging and effortless viewing experience, especially evident from its massive following on Netflix.”

She underscored the importance of more than just glamour and style in a successful show, emphasizing the necessity of compelling storytelling and character development. Springborn pondered, “How does one craft a series that maintains an air of sophistication, sustains an enduring appeal, and entices a broad audience?”

Expanding on the conversation, she shared a newly coined term that resonated with her – “prestigural,” a fusion of “prestige drama” and “procedural.” This term underscores the blend of high-quality drama with a procedural format, showcasing a fusion of sophisticated storytelling and episodic structure.

“Suits,” originally produced by NBCUniversal, enjoyed a successful run on the USA Network from 2011 to 2019 across nine seasons. The series followed the journey of Patrick J. Adams’ character, a legal prodigy who finesses his way into a prestigious New York law firm despite lacking formal credentials. Alongside Adams, Gabriel Macht, Rick Hoffman, Meghan Markle, Gina Torres, and Sarah Rafferty portrayed his colleagues and rivals, contributing to the show’s enduring legacy.