Suits: Is there a new season coming?


If you’ve been following the legal drama “Suits,” you’re likely aware of the recent buzz surrounding this beloved television series. Created and written by Aaron Korsh, it has been consistently making headlines in various publications. What’s particularly impressive is that despite concluding its nine-season run on the USA Network back in 2019, “Suits” has resurged in popularity on streaming platforms, garnering a staggering 3.7 billion views in just one week across Netflix and Peacock.

This resurgence has undoubtedly sparked curiosity among both long-time and newfound fans. They’re eager to know if there’s a chance for the series to make a comeback with a tenth season, especially considering the show’s epic finale. Set in a fictional New York City corporate law firm, the series has been known for its jaw-dropping episodes, with characters like Mike Ross and Harvey Spectre at the forefront. The finale, marked by Donna and Louis riding down the elevator together, and Harvey taking a final look at his office, left many fans feeling content with it serving as a fitting farewell to the characters.

As for the burning question of whether a new season is on the horizon, we regret to inform the devoted fans that “Suits” will not be returning for a tenth season. While rumors have been swirling, fueled by the news of a new series in development with NBCUniversal to expand the Suits universe, it does not equate to a greenlight for a tenth season. In essence, the story of “Suits” has concluded definitively after nine successful seasons.


It’s crucial for the fandom to embrace the series for what it has accomplished. The narrative concludes with Robert’s disbarment, and Faye Richardson’s arrival as a special master from the bar to oversee the firm. This development signifies the end of an era, prompting Louis to marry Sheila, Harvey to marry Donna, and for them to relocate to Seattle to join Mike and Rachel. Meanwhile, Louis assumes a leadership role at the firm, now known as Litt Wheeler Williams Bennett.

In light of this, we encourage fans to redirect their focus towards supporting the forthcoming updates about the new series being negotiated within the Suits universe. Series creator Aaron Korsh is actively involved in its development, a fact corroborated by sources at Deadline. Reports indicate that Korsh, along with David Bartis and Doug Liman, who were executive producers on the original series, are set to return in the same capacity. It’s worth noting that this new venture isn’t a revival or reboot.

Surprisingly, it’s envisioned as a series within the Suits universe, akin to the CSI and NCIS franchises. This iteration will introduce fresh characters in a new setting, with Los Angeles being a potential backdrop for the workplace drama. In summary, we recommend viewers revisit earlier seasons of the show to acquaint themselves with its thematic elements. The series is now accessible for streaming on Netflix, Peacock, and Prime Video, depending on viewers’ location and membership preferences. Additionally, it’s available for rental or purchase on platforms like Amazon, Vudu, iTunes, and Google Play.