Suits has just broken an astonishing Netflix record!


Suits, a legal comedic drama series, has gained enormous popularity since it debuted on Netflix in June. It was first broadcast in 2011 and 2019 on the USA Network. The inclusion of Meghan Markle, who is now a hugely recognised celebrity as a result of her marriage to Prince Harry, is unquestionably responsible for a significant portion of the newfound interest in the series.

Suits, although not being a Netflix original series, has grown significantly in popularity since it first appeared there. The first TV programme in the streaming era to reach 3 billion minutes watched per week for seven weeks straight is currently Suits. Since Nielsen streaming statistics began three years ago, Suits has maintained a viewership of nearly 3 billion minutes longer than any other programme. It has tallied up 26.5 billion minutes viewed.

Markle quit Suits in 2017, just before her May 2018 nuptials to Prince Harry, after appearing in more than 100 episodes. Gabriel Macht, Sarah Rafferty, Patrick J. Adams, and Gina Torres are all featured in the show.


Adams plays smart college dropout Mike Ross, who has a photographic memory and is on the run after a heroin transaction gone wrong, in Suits, which is set at a high-powered law office in New York. The series’ main premise revolves around Ross hiding the fact that he didn’t go to law school and hasn’t passed the bar a secret.

Since it debuted on the service 11 weeks ago, Suits has continuously been among the top 10 Netflix US shows. Four Suits seasons from various seasons were in the Top 10 for one week at the end of July. This summer, it seemed that the country was infected with “Suits fever.” Due to its success, a Suits resurrection could potentially be imminent.