Stunning Artistry: Skyrim Player Creates Incredible Painting Depicting Solitude


The Skyrim community recently celebrated a stunning piece of fan art, a mesmerizing painting capturing the scenic landscape outside Solitude, one of the province’s prominent cities. Shared by a Reddit user named LongFineArt, this masterpiece showcases the grandeur of Solitude set against a captivating sunset backdrop.

Solitude, being Skyrim’s largest city and the province’s capital, holds significant importance within the game. The city’s diverse stories, such as encounters with Sheogorath, the Daedric Prince of Madness, and the poignant execution of Roggvir, have left a lasting impression on players. This significance makes Solitude a popular subject for fan art, drawing admiration from the Skyrim community.

LongFineArt’s artwork intricately portrays the majestic rock formation supporting Solitude against a pastel-colored sunset. The foreground features a serene body of water reflecting the city’s beauty, with a ship sailing peacefully atop the calm waves. Atop the rock, one can appreciate the architecture of Solitude, including a windmill and other structures that contribute to the city’s picturesque allure.


I painted Solitude! Hope you guys enjoy 😄
byu/LongFineArt inskyrim

The painting’s enchanting portrayal of the tranquil waters, the vibrant sunset embracing the sailing ship, and the detailed architecture of Solitude captivate the essence of the nostalgic landscape. The art has resonated deeply with the Skyrim community, as evidenced by the heartfelt appreciation and compliments shared by fellow Redditors.

LongFineArt has garnered recognition for creating remarkable Skyrim fan art, crafting various artworks showcasing in-game cities and even hand-made crafts. Notably, the Redditor’s creation of a Dragonborn Greatsword replica from discarded wood found in a dumpster stands out as a particularly intriguing piece. Fans eagerly anticipate LongFineArt’s future tributes to Skyrim, anticipating more breathtaking creations that pay homage to the beloved game.