Steven Spielberg says it was “a great honor” to make his best movie


Steven Spielberg, reflecting on his extensive career, has expressed that the 1993 film “Schindler’s List” is the work he is most proud of creating. In a past interview, Spielberg shared that making the film was driven by a desire to leave behind a meaningful legacy for his children. He wanted to provide them with a significant contribution to history, as opposed to his more prominent works focused on entertaining larger audiences.

Spielberg emphasized the personal significance of “Schindler’s List,” which tells the true story of Oskar Schindler, a German businessman who saved over a thousand Jews during the Holocaust. The film received widespread acclaim and was nominated for 12 Academy Awards, ultimately winning seven Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director.

In addition to the film’s impact, Spielberg highlighted the creation of the Survivors of the Shoah Foundation, which was inspired by “Schindler’s List.” The foundation is dedicated to documenting and preserving the testimonies of Holocaust survivors, contributing to a broader conversation about the historical event.


For Spielberg, “Schindler’s List” represents a profound achievement, both artistically and in its ability to stimulate meaningful conversations worldwide about the Holocaust and the importance of remembrance.