Stephen King knows exactly what you should watch after ‘Baby Reindeer’


Stephen King’s endorsement of a new project carries significant weight, especially given his expertise in the horror and thriller genres. Following his praise for the real-life-inspired thriller series “Baby Reindeer,” King has directed his followers’ attention towards another captivating yet underrated gem: “Infested,” a French-language creature feature horror film.

In a succinct yet compelling tweet, King encapsulated the essence of “Infested”: an apartment building in France overrun by spiders, some as large as puppies, resulting in a chilling and well-crafted horror experience. Drawing parallels to acclaimed films like “Arachnophobia” and “Attack the Block,” “Infested” has garnered widespread critical acclaim, boasting an impressive 96% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Critics laud its ability to captivate audiences with its stylish execution and nuanced storytelling.

For those intrigued by King’s endorsement, the good news is that “Infested” is readily accessible for streaming. Horror enthusiasts can enjoy the film on Shudder, a dedicated horror streaming platform offering a 7-day free trial. Subscriptions to Shudder are also affordable, starting at just $6.99 per month, providing ample opportunity to explore the platform’s extensive horror catalog beyond “Infested.”


Whether seeking a break from the intensity of “Baby Reindeer” or simply craving a spine-tingling cinematic experience, “Infested” promises to deliver thrills and chills aplenty. With Stephen King’s stamp of approval, it’s undoubtedly a film worth adding to your watchlist.