Stephen King fanboying over his favorite Goonie via signed Funko Pop was not on our 2024 bingo card, but we’re here for it


Adding another item to his impressive collection of fan memorabilia, Stephen King recently shared his excitement over a new addition: a Funko Pop figurine of actor and musician Corey Feldman. On May 28, the renowned author of Carrie posted an image on Twitter/X, proudly displaying the collectible. In a caption brimming with enthusiasm, King wrote, “I got my Cory Feldman Funko! Signed!” Although he misspelled “Corey,” his joy was unmistakable.

The figurine bears Feldman’s signature, along with the words “dig it” and King’s name, scrawled in a hand that suggests famous people might not have time for perfect penmanship. Feldman responded to King’s post, expressing his pleasure that King liked the gift, and graciously noted that King “get[s] a pass” on the typo because he is “one of the greatest writers to ever live.”

The connection between King and Feldman has been building for a while. It started in December 2023 when King tweeted that he “gotta have a Feldman Funko.” Feldman quickly responded, assuring King that he would send him one. He even referenced Stand By Me, the 1986 film based on King’s novella The Body, in which Feldman starred. Feldman expressed his admiration, noting that King wrote the story for “the most critically acclaimed film of my childhood career” and promised to ship the figurine.

This interaction is just the latest in a series of exchanges between King and Feldman. King has previously declared his love for The Goonies, a film featuring Feldman, by tweeting, “Time for The Goonies on SciFi.” Feldman, in turn, invited King to the premiere of his documentary (My) Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys in 2020.

King himself is no stranger to Funko Pop fame. In 2019, two figurines were released in his likeness, further cementing his status in pop culture. King’s enthusiasm for Feldman and his work is palpable, contrasting starkly with his well-known disdain for figures like Donald Trump. It’s safe to say we won’t be seeing any Trump-themed collectibles on his timeline.

Overall, King’s interaction with Feldman and the excitement over his signed Funko Pop demonstrate the enduring connection between fans and the objects of their admiration, even for someone as celebrated as Stephen King.