Stephen King doesn’t need a lighter to gently roast MAGA extremists to a crisp


Wearing the infamous red cap synonymous with Donald Trump’s brand practically invites ridicule, but his staunch supporters remain unfazed by the mockery. Despite controversies ranging from hush money trials to courtroom antics like flatulence and napping, and even involvement in the Capitol insurrection on January 6th, Trump’s devoted following, often likened to a cult, stands by him unwaveringly.

Specifically, conservative extremists and right-wing factions continue to perpetuate the narrative, initially fueled by Trump, alleging the Democratic Party’s involvement in “stealing” the election and facilitating Joe Biden’s victory over the so-called “Orange Thanos Variant.” Nearly four years post-election, MAGA loyalists adamantly refuse to accept defeat, persistently advocating for Trump’s return to the presidency.

In the midst of this ongoing political saga, Stephen King, the acclaimed novelist, has emerged as a vocal critic, fearlessly offering his insights on the matter. King’s commentary, often shared on various platforms, including X, doesn’t shy away from challenging the narratives propagated by MAGA extremists.


Irrespective of one’s political leanings, it’s evident that King derives a degree of satisfaction from intellectually engaging with MAGA supporters, consistently debunking their arguments with a sharp wit. While notable Republican figures like MTG (Marjorie Taylor Greene) and Trump himself frequently engage in politically charged rhetoric, even targeting each other, it’s understandable why King feels compelled to contribute his perspective to the ongoing political discourse in the United States. After all, in a landscape where political tensions run high, voices like King’s serve to provide a counterbalance to the prevailing narratives, ensuring that diverse viewpoints are heard and debated.