Stephen King Calls THIS Movie “Daring” And “Truly Unique”


At The Digital Fix, we’re always on the lookout for the next breakthrough in the realm of horror, and it appears that the highly anticipated new alien film, No One Will Save You, might just be that very thing. Especially when it comes with a glowing recommendation from none other than Stephen King.

Given his extensive repertoire of over 65 novels and short stories, it’s safe to say that Stephen King possesses a profound understanding of what it takes to craft a truly spine-chilling narrative. Many of his literary creations have been transformed into some of the most iconic horror films in cinematic history. In fact, works like The Shining, The Green Mile, and The Shawshank Redemption solidify King’s status as a maestro of storytelling, irrespective of genre.

King maintains an active engagement with new film releases and frequently shares his insights on Twitter. His most recent endorsement, for a film called No One Will Save You, has certainly caught our attention.


In his review, King effused, “No One Will Save You: Brilliant, daring, involving, scary. You have to go back over 60 years, to a Twilight Zone episode called ‘The Invaders,’ to find anything remotely like it. Truly unique.”

It’s quite the ringing endorsement, isn’t it? No One Will Save You stars Kaitlyn Dever as Brynn, a young woman grappling with profound loss, who encounters an alien invasion within the confines of her childhood home. Without revealing too much, the premise promises a captivating and refreshingly original narrative.

Could we be on the brink of one of the most exceptional alien-themed movies in recent times? It’s a possibility. The intriguing premise of No One Will Save You, coupled with the audacious choice of maintaining a single line of dialogue throughout the entire 93-minute runtime, undeniably kindles our curiosity.