Starfield’s Steam Rating Plummets Further: What’s Behind the Deterioration?


The current state of Starfield on Steam reflects a significant shift in player sentiment, with recent reviews marking the game as “Mostly Negative,” indicating a dissatisfaction rate of around 37%. Despite an initially successful launch in September 2023, Bethesda’s latest title has faced a gradual decline in popularity, eliciting disappointment among many long-time Bethesda fans.

While Bethesda’s attempt to create something different with Starfield is commendable, the game seems to have missed the mark for a majority of players. The shift towards procedural generation may have stripped away the captivating essence that drew fans to Bethesda’s games previously. Critics argue that Starfield’s approach made its worlds feel empty and cities static, lacking the immersive sandbox experience that characterized older Bethesda titles.

The game’s current standing on Steam is a reflection of user reviews over the past 30 days, showcasing a notably low satisfaction rate among players. Even with Bethesda’s ambitious roadmap for Starfield, it hasn’t been enough to sway public opinion positively. The resurgence of Cyberpunk 2077 and the exceptional reception of Baldur’s Gate 3 have inadvertently accentuated Starfield’s perceived flaws as an RPG, further fueling disappointment among its player base.


Bethesda’s response to criticism, notably Emil Pagliarulo’s comments on Twitter defending the game’s development effort, has seemingly strained the relationship between Bethesda and the community rather than mending it.

Comparatively, Skyrim still attracts more players than Starfield, indicating that the latter hasn’t captured the anticipated widespread appeal. However, Bethesda hasn’t entirely given up on Starfield. They continue to allocate resources, with around 250 employees working on the game and plans to release regular updates throughout 2024 in an effort to improve the gaming experience.