Starfield Glitch Leaves Players Stuck with Unwanted Traveling Companions!


A player in Starfield encountered a humorous bug that led two companions, who had embarked on a mission outside the player’s ship, to refuse to leave. This amusing situation sparked a lighthearted discussion within the Starfield community about bugs and companions who seem unwilling to disembark from ships.

Despite Starfield’s widespread acclaim since its launch, bugs and glitches are an inevitable part of any large-scale game. In this instance, a player found themselves in a comical predicament as two companions seemingly made themselves permanent crew members aboard their spacecraft. The player humorously recounted the situation, mentioning that these companions hopped onto their ship and never departed. Additionally, the quest to dismiss them disappeared from their radar, leaving the companions as a constant presence on the player’s spacefaring adventures.

The Reddit post discussing this bug led to a lively comment section filled with humorous anecdotes and relatable stories. Users shared amusing ways to handle guests who overstay their welcome, both in-game and in real life. From sly strategies like the “Irish goodbye” to polite hints such as turning out the lights, the conversation provided a touch of levity to the situation.


This bug, however, wasn’t an isolated incident. Other players chimed in with their own tales of quests gone awry due to bugs. One player recounted an experience where a stranded miner ended up residing on their ship after the quest to deliver him disappeared. Eventually, the miner inexplicably turned hostile and began firing at the player. These stories highlighted the unpredictable nature of bugs in the Starfield experience.

While this bug provided amusement and spawned entertaining discussions, it also shed light on the presence of several issues affecting players’ quest progression. Some players expressed growing frustration, citing quests that couldn’t be completed and objectives that were out of reach. While the bug involving the two companions was a quirky inconvenience, it contributes to a broader conversation about the game’s stability and user experience. These concerns, along with other player feedback about unrealized potential in the game’s ideas, have contributed to a drop in Starfield’s ratings on platforms like Steam. Players will be eager to see how Bethesda addresses these issues in future updates.