Stardew Valley Enthusiast Transforms Krobus’ Room with a Stunning Makeover


One Stardew Valley enthusiast took it upon themselves to revamp Krobus’ underground dwelling, showcasing the game’s essence that extends beyond mere farming. Stardew Valley, a world built on interpersonal connections within Pelican Town, delves into each character’s story, fostering bonds and, potentially, romantic relationships. For those not seeking marriage, the option of having Krobus as a roommate exists. Despite having his own room, his space might lack the cozy, welcoming vibe typical of a home.

Krobus stands out among the residents of Pelican Town by residing beneath it, accessible only through a rusty key. Offering rare items like Void Eggs and Stardrops, he operates from the sewers. Similar to other townsfolk, players can establish a relationship with this unconventional character. By gifting Krobus the Void Ghost Pendant and waiting three days, players can invite him to share their farmhouse, granting him a space of his own.

Tried to give Krobus’s room a less dungeon-y vibe
byu/tinuviel216 inStardewValley


The game’s community showcases inventive approaches to enhancing the game world. One player, dissatisfied with Krobus’ initial room resembling a dungeon, undertook a transformation akin to revamping Haley’s room. Sharing the redecoration on the Stardew Valley subreddit, user tinuviel216 posted images of the revamped space. The formerly dreary dungeon now boasted a comforting fireplace, a cozy bench, ample bookshelves stocked with reading materials, and various other decorations.

Reactions flooded in the comments, expressing delight at witnessing Krobus in a more inviting environment. Players shared their own embellishments, ranging from beds to plants, all with the shared goal of ensuring Krobus felt content and surrounded by a livelier atmosphere. This emphasis extended beyond perfecting storage sheds to creating homely farmhouses.

Despite being labeled as “monsters” in the game, players extend warmth and care to these characters, seeing them as more than mere pixels on a screen but as friends. With the promise of expanded dialogue in Stardew Valley’s 1.6 update, characters like Krobus will gain further depth, enabling players to appreciate and understand them better. This update might also introduce additional decorations, allowing players to infuse even more love and personality into the rooms of their beloved in-game companions.